July 4th Schedule

Most of you already know this since it is posted in the gym but there is no class on Friday, July 4th. However, there will be a normal schedule on Saturday morning. Enjoy the holiday!!!


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National Pro Fitness League

Do you like watching CrossFit videos? Do you like watching CrossFit competitions? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, have you heard of the National Pro Fitness League (NPFL) yet? Below is a description of the NPFL from their website:


Head-to-Head Team Fitness Races

Introducing the world’s first professional spectator sport with co-ed teams competing in human performance races. This is a mainstream sporting event that is fan, TV, and sponsor friendly. Picture two 8-person teams (4 men, 4 women, with one of each being over 40 years old) going head to head in matches throughout a season that is not unlike an abbreviated NFL season. Two-hour matches with fixed but flexible rules that are designed to force teams to strategize. The competitions will be easy to follow, and a very smart team that executes flawlessly could outwit a fitter team in any given match. There will be consistent structure for every match, all events known ahead of time, and substitutions on the fly.


I’d basically consider this as close to professional CrossFit as there is right now. It’s not the same as the CrossFit Games as it seems more viewer friendly and higher paced, but most of the participants are CF Games veterans or of that caliber. The season is going to start in late August, but the combine and drafting process are going on right now. Stream the combine matches live on their website or watch archived footage on their YouTube channel!


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Bottles and Cans

Please notice the addition of a large bin for recyclable bottles and cans! We will be donating the deposits to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Help out by locating the bin and placing your empty bottles and cans in it.


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Saturday’s Murph Event…

Everyone deserves a round of applause! As a group we raised over $7,000, which more than doubles our total from last year’s Murph event.

All of you should be very proud of your performances on Saturday. Whether you did the event as an individual or as a team, everyone lived up to the motto of the Lone Survivor Foundation…never quit!

A few specials thanks need to be made:

  • Casey for organizing an amazing event
  • Sally for her tireless efforts organizing the food and beverages (if you timed it out right she may have even delivered you an orange slice during your air squats)
  • Dan for manning the grill all afternoon
  • Thanks to Ann (Casey’s mom) for handling the registration table
  • Jason Bowman for his work on the t-shirts (all proceeds are going directly to the Lone Survivor Foundation)
  • Queensbury Central Fire Department for the amazing American flag that spread patriotism across our sky during the workout
  • All the enthusiastic spectators that came to cheer everyone on
  • Thank you to Jeff Gildersleeve’s inspiring introduction to the workout
  • Finally, to all the individuals that donated and/or raised money for the Lone Survivor Foundation

Saturday’s event was about fun, charity, and community. Thank you for everyone who came out for this special event at Lake George CrossFit.


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Three quick reminders:

1. The first heat for “Murph” starts at 9am! Please come in earlier to get warmed up.

2. There is no class on Memorial Day, relax and recover from the weekend.

3. Regionals are still going on!! If you’re not watching you’re missing out on the best part of CrossFit’s competitive season. It streams all weekend on http://www.games.crossfit.com, check it out!!!

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“Murph” Memorial Day Fundraiser Reminder

The members of Lake George CrossFit will all proudly be participating in the “Murph” Memorial Day Workout this coming Saturday morning starting at 9:00am. Our gym, and nearly every other CrossFit Affiliate across the country, will be doing this Hero Workout this weekend to honor Navy SEAL Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005.

ALL of your donated money is going directly to the Lone Survivor Foundation.

Some of you have registered online and have raised a lot of money, while some of you still need to do so. We are asking everyone to donate $25 to participate J

To date, we have raised $3,815—already surpassing last year’s total by almost $800. Please note: this total does not include the money raised from the t-shirts. Also, I am sure we will have a lot of donations day of, so our goal of $5,000 should be easily met.

Some things to keep in mind:

 1. Registration:

If you haven’t signed up for the LGCF Team on our web page you MUST do so in order to participate. Simply go to our team page and join the Lake George CrossFit Team. In addition to signing up online, we need you to fill out an entry form at the gym (they are next to the white board). Please fill out the form and return it to the envelope labeled “Murph”. We need these entry forms to make the heats, so please do not forget to do this.

Also once you sign up online, please take a few extra minutes to send those emails out to friends and family and raise some money for Lone Survivor Foundation. It’s as easy as sending out an email or posting something on your Facebook page. We know how amazing you all are and we can’t wait to see how much we can raise. A great way to start things off is to walk the walk and make a small donation yourself!!

2. Scaling Options:

We know as CrossFitters you all want to do well at this event, however, it is a long and grueling workout. The goal of this event is to do your best, honor our soldiers, and raise money for the Lone Survivor Foundation. If the whole workout is not realistic for you, people are forming teams, opting to do the mini-Murph, and scaling movements where appropriate. Our event means so much more than our WOD time; it is a time to honor the men and women across our Nation’s history that have given their lives for us. They lived and died with such integrity and by a code that defines a true hero. It’s also about raising money to help those returning soldiers find their way. Let them be your inspiration.

3. BBQ:

We invite everyone to stay after the event for a LGCF Barbecue. Please sign up to bring something to share. Sally is organizing the set up of tables and food. She will need some help so please see her if you would like to volunteer for the event. Many hands makes light work!!!



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A note from Casey…

Dan and I want to thank everyone at LGCF for pitching in and getting us a beautiful highchair and super cute baby items. It was so thoughtful and so generous of all of you. I know it was hard for everyone to make it on Friday night and to the gang who were able to make it……you guys are awesome. I deeply appreciate that you took the time to share that moment with me (and how great were those cupcakes Emmi made???). I care so much about ALL of you…. my CrossFit Family…where together we create relationships that reach far beyond the borders of our box.

Best Always…..Unbroken…




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