Barbells For Boobs was a HUGE Success

Let’s just say our fundraiser event on Saturday was another memorable event at Lake George CrossFit. This was our second annual event to raise money to help fight breast cancer through the very successful “Barbells for Boobs” breast cancer awareness campaign. We raised a ton of funds for a good cause, completed a very tough workout, and came together as a CrossFit community.

Below are some well-deserved “shout-outs” from Saturday:

-Jason Bowman: he was the man behind the tshirts and had them made up just in time for Saturday’s event. It was another great way for the community to raise funds, as well as a way for members to sport another shirt from an LGCF fundraising event. I know some of you “collect” these with pride, so it is another nice reminder of the contributions from Saturday.

-Sally: were any of you hungry at all on Saturday? The answer better be “no” as she provided an excellent spread of fruit, drinks, and muffins for everyone. If you were lucky enough, she gave you some of the extras to take home.

-Aron: those balloons were awesome! You made the rig look great for everyone to workout on.

-Lisa and Kevin Ostrander: they not only raised a ton in donations, they came in Friday night to help set up with the equipment AND early on Saturday morning before it started. Lisa rocked the workout and Kevin assisted in moving equipment around and taking some photos (they can be found here) during all the heats.

-Members: our event could not be possible without you all participating. The workout was supposed to be challenging, yet fun. Everyone pushed hard and had a good time. If you were unable to attend this year, definitely come out next time.

Once we have collected the money on the last few tshirts, we will be able to post the final amount on our team’s fundraising page. Our TOTAL fundraising amount will be very, very close to $10,000. Wow.

Ps. there is still one women’s medium tshirt if anyone is interested :)

2014 Barbells for Boobs

2014 Barbells for Boobs

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Barbells for Boobs Workout

For the workout Saturday morning think “Fran” meets “Helen” then “Heavy Grace” meets “Karen”! The workout is as follows:


DB Thrusters (45/30)
KB Swings (53/35)
with a 400m run after each round


10 rounds

3 Power Clean and Jerks (155/105)
15 Wall Balls (20/14)

The workout will be briefed at 8:45am and the first heat starts at 9:00am. Don’t be late and wear PINK!!!

If you ordered a t-shirt, it will be available in the morning before we start.

So far we have raised $8,807 dollars and there is still time to get more contributions!

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Barbells for Boobs Update

Saturday, October 18th in rapidly approaching. The following are some things to know for the “Barbells for Boobs” fundraiser event happening this Saturday:

1. Get Signed Up: go to the official Barbell for Boobs website, create your page and look up LAKE GEORGE CROSSFIT. . .make sure you join our team. The Lake George CrossFit team is the list that will be used to make heats for the workout so get signed up!

2. Donate: find a way to get the $20 minimum donation reached. It’s not asking too much that everyone planning to participate either donate $20 themselves and/or reach out to family/friends for donations.

3. Show up: the first heat starts at 9:00am, so if you plan on warming up please be at the gym at 8:30am.

4. Workout for a good cause: for the workout this year expect a curveball. While we will still be doing a mix of female benchmark workouts, don’t expect to see just “Helen Meets Grace”—Spoiler Alert: you’re looking at a workout more in the 30 minute range!


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Columbus Day Schedule

There will be NO class at 8am or 4pm on Monday October, 13th. All of the others classes will be held as normally scheduled, please plan accordingly and enjoy the holiday.

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Barbells for Boobs

Mark your calendars folks! We will be holding our Barbells for Boobs fundraiser on October 18th. Everyone that plans to participate needs to join our team on the official fundraising website. Our team goal has been set at $5,000. Currently, we already have $2,187 raised. There is plenty of time to raise more funds, our goal is lofty but lets do all we can! :)

In 2009, the first Barbells for Boobs event was held in a parking lot in Corona Del Mar with 60 athletes from 3 local CrossFit affiliates. Since then, Barbells for Boobs has grown exponentially and now involves more than 45,000 participants across 1300 affiliates in 23 countries!

Barbells for Boobs is a non-profit organization that provides funding to pay for breast cancer detection services as a last resort for thousands of people who don’t qualify for assistance elsewhere. Their aim is to help anyone that needs it, anywhere, whether they are male or female, no matter what their age or situation in life.

We at LGCF have breast cancer survivors and many people who have been affected by the disease. You don’t have to participate in the event to raise money. Anyone can join our team or donate. Start asking friends, co-workers, family members to donate for this great cause.

FIRST, GO TO the official Barbell for Boobs website. To create your a page Click on SIGN UP TODAY…then JOIN OUR TEAM….look up LAKE GEORGE CROSSFIT…and join :)

From there you can send your page to as many people as you know…(all those facebook friends and such) and they can help you raise money. If you raise $80, which covers one mammogram, they send you a support team t-shirt.


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Lost and found

The lost and found has gotten out of control! Please take a look over the next couple days to see if you’ve left anything. I will be donating everything that is not claimed by Sunday.


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Adirondack Extreme

Don’t forget this weekend is our annual trip up to Adirondack Extreme. The date changed and we will be going up on Saturday, October 4th. Plan on a full and fun day starting at 12:00pm. Please see Aron Rehm, Colin O’Brien, or Celena Johnson if you have any specific questions!


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