“Murph” details…

It’s time for our Second Annual “Murph” Event!!! This year we’re excited to have better tools to raise money for the Lone Survivor Foundation. Please take time and go to their website, you will see amazing new projects aimed at assisting Veterans.

The motto of the Lone Survivor Foundation is NEVER QUIT; simply put and appropriate for an event to honor those who NEVER QUIT ON US.

If you are not familiar with Lt. Michael Murphy, please take a moment and read the link provided.

Here are some important details you’ll need to know to participate this year:

Where: Lake George CrossFit

When: Saturday, May 24th at 9am

The Workout:

100 Pull ups
200 Push ups
300 Air squats
(20 lbs weighted vest optional)

Or you may choose to do:

50 Pull ups
100 Push ups
150 Air Squats

How to get involved:


To register for THE MURPH you MUST go to our team page and join the Lake George CrossFit Team.

 STEP 2.

Once you’re a team member, start fundraising!!  To participate in this year’s event you must raise a minimum of $25.00. You will be able to set up your own personal page, just like we did for Barbells for Boobs, and reach out to family and friends for support.

Anyone and everyone are invited to join our LGCF Team, you DO NOT have to be member of LGCF.  You may do this as an individual or with a group. Everyone will still register under the LGCF Team, even if you are forming your own team.


Once you’ve raised over $25.00 you will fill out your entry form. We will also have entry forms available at LGCF. Everyone will need to fill out a hard copy form in order to participate.


NEVER QUIT!!!! Get excited to push through those limits. Need inspiration? Watch the movie, Lone Survivor or read the book. Also available to rent is Murph – The Protector.


Finally, we would like to celebrate and honor our American Soldiers afterwards with a good ole Memorial Day Cookout. In order to feed all the hungry CrossFitters we ask that everyone bring something to share. We will have a sign up board to help us stay organized!

Group shot before we started last year.

Group shot before we started last year.

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Mark Your Calendars: Murph Memorial Day Event

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 24th! Lake George CrossFit will be holding their Second Annual “Murph” Memorial Day event. Similar to last year, we will be allowing members to complete the workout individually or as a team. Much more details to follow, but we just wanted to get the date out to everyone. Last year, we raised $3,025 for the Lone Survivor Foundation and we will be aiming to surpass that amount this year :)

Group shot before we started last year.

Group shot before we started last year.

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

Yoga class is taking a quick break. Marissa is going out of town so there will be no yoga on 4/9, 4/13, and 4/16. Sorry for the inconvenience!



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14.2 and a look at 14.3

So 14.2 proved its point! Chest to bar pull-ups are no joke and very tiring. Most of you guys moved through the overhead squats without much of a problem but the CTB was a showstopper. That’s okay; just understand you need to create a plan to attack this weakness.

The true takeaway I want you to have from 14.2 is that if you frequently cheat your range of motion you’re only cheating yourself. I have programmed exclusively CTB pull-ups for the last 3+ months; your ability to do or not to do CTB should not have been a surprise. When a workout calls for wall balls make sure you throw it 10 feet (an open workout is going to have wall balls by the way), if 100 air squats are programmed get below parallel ALL 100 times, and if CTB pull-ups are programmed touch your chest to the bar!!!

With that said, there are some shout-outs this week. Keenan and Sally showed the importance of a good game plan. The two of them weren’t happy with their scores on their first attempt so they went back to the drawing board and came up with a new plan. In both cases their scores improved dramatically.

Turning the page to 14.3, you guys are looking at a bunch of deadlifts and just enough box jumps to keep you out of breath. Stacey Tovar said it at the end of the workout…break the deadlifts up sooner than you expected! Plan out your transitions properly and WEAR A BELT! The belt can save your back and boost your score at least 10 reps.



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Shamrock Shuffle

Time for LGCF to represent & sign up for The Shamrock Shuffle. It’s Sunday March 30 at 11am. The course is a flat and fast 5 miles. The race starts and ends at Glens Falls High School. Immediately following the main race is a 7/8 mile kids run.

The race will benefit the Warren-Washington Counties Special Olympics. Here is a link to sign up!


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Weather Update

The 6:30am and 8:00am classes are cancelled tomorrow (3.13.14). Unfortunately, the snow is supposed to be heavy overnight and accumulate a lot more. We will dig out and have normal classes starting at 10am. Hopefully this is our last modified winter schedule of the season!


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Weather update…

Afternoon classes are cancelled due to the weather today (3.12.14). Please check the website this evening for updates on classes tomorrow morning. Drive safely!!!


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