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16.1 Things to consider

16.1 Things to consider

The 2016 CrossFit Open open’s up with what’s going to be a great workout and test of fitness.

25′ Overhead Walking Lunges
8 Bar Facing Burpees
25′ Overhead Walking Lunges
8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Tips for 16.1

#1 Use time to your advantage!
If you’re trying to decide whether to scale or go Rx, think of this. It’s a long workout, but it will end at 20 minutes. That’s a ton of time. Even if you did 1 rep every 10 seconds that would be 120 reps! And 10 seconds is a long time to do 1 rep. If you do 1 lunge at a time, 1 chest to bar pull up at a time, you’ll still get far into this workout and it will be so fulfilling and rewarding.

#2 Lunge like you mean it!
Be diligent about your lunges. Make them count. When the bar is overhead keep it overhead and make each rep count. If you step forward and get a no rep, it’s hard to step backward and every time the bar drops on the ground, it’s most likely a 10-20 second breakdown. Instead, put a lot of focus on your lunges and make sure they count and that you’re hitting the standards. “Rest” as you chip through the burpees.

#3 Be Strategic!
20 minutes of high intensity work is long. Plan your time well. At some point of the workout your going to stop to catch your breath, set a “countdown clock” and try to count out loud. How long do you really need until you can do another burpee? Pick the bar up? Do another pull up? You’d probably say 5-10 seconds. But in the workout what feels like a 5-10 second rest is actually 15-20. Count down out loud 5-10 seconds. When you get down to 3, get yourself ready, when you get to 0, pick the bar up, get another rep, get back in there! Keep a plan and strategic breaks!

What to Stretch and Warm Up?
In addition to your normal warm up consider adding these.

#1 Loosen your upper back and make sure your able to get into the best overhead position possible.

#2 Ensure that your hip flexors and glutes are ready to work.

#3 To continue warming up your shoulders with presses ensuring the bar is staying over the middle of your body when overhead with locked arms.

#4 Hit the lats and warm up your kipping pull up by doing a series of a few tight tempo swings, then regular gymnastics kipping pull ups, then build up into chest to bar pull ups working on delaying your arm pull and letting the kip help move you.

Have fun! This is going to burn and will take some mental fortitude to stay in the game for the duration of the workout, but it’s the inaugural workout of the 2016 Open and you don’t want to start off on a bad foot by questioning your effort afterwards. It doesn’t always have to be fun, to be fun!


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