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Lake George CrossFit is more than a gym; it is a friendly and encouraging community of members achieving their fitness goals.

By our gym catering to no one, we cater to everyone. We have members ranging in age from 14 all the way to early-70’s.

Stay tuned for announcements. Our members are high school and college students, working professionals, busy moms and dads, and retirees. Home page for Lake George Cross Fit. Take some time to look around our website, however, the only true way to understand CrossFit is to experience it yourself. Everyone starts with a complimentary assessment training session. We invite anyone interested to come in to find out first hand why the quality of the coaching and programming provided by Lake George CrossFit separates us from the rest. Contact us to schedule your free introductory assessment session. The purpose of our assessment is educational for you and informative for us. Expect to learn about what CrossFit is, discuss your fitness goals, explore your workout history, and finally participate in a brief CrossFit workout. After your assessment, you can choose to come to any of our classes. These classes are 60 minutes in length and run six days a week. Group classes provide an excellent mixture of individual coaching and group motivation. Our members get to know one another and make coming to class fun. Please check our schedule, rates, and FAQs. This should help to answer any basic questions you have about CrossFit and our facility. It’s time for our annual Murph Challenge event and this year Lake George CrossFit has become an official host of the The Murph Challenge! A cool feature of doing The Murph Challenge at an official host site is that you’ll have the opportunity to see where your Murph time stacks up against all other participants from official host sites. Also, all the donations will go directly to the scholarship fund established in his honor. Please get signed up ASAP by going to the official Murph Challenge website and make sure to list Lake George CrossFit as your affiliate! This year with your registration you will receive a Murph Challenge t-shirt or tank top via Forged clothing. There is a small fee for registration but your t-shirt is included. We will not be asking you to raise any other funds. If you would like to donate additional money, we will be more than happy to direct you through the proper channels. If you are not familiar with Lt. Michael Murphy, please take a moment and read the link provided. Here are some important details you’ll need to know to participate this year: Where: Lake George CrossFit When: Saturday, May 30th at 9am (because so many people are out of town at the CrossFit regionals we will have it this week to maximize participation) The Workout: MURPH 1 MILE RUN 100 Pull ups 200 Push ups 300 Air squats 1 MILE RUN (20 lbs weighted vest optional) Or you may choose to do: MINI MURPH .5 MILE RUN 50 Pull ups 100 Push ups 150 Air Squats .5 MILE RUN You also have the option of teaming up if you feel the workout is too much for you. Finally, the Murph Challenge should be finished around lunch time. Plan to celebrate and honor our American Soldiers afterwards with a good ‘ole BBQ. In order to feed all the hungry CrossFitters we ask that everyone bring something to share. We will have a sign-up board to help us stay organized!

The Dirty Dozen

With January quickly approaching with it often comes a new outlook on your diet. Most people know that they should avoid over consumption of pesticides or other harmful chemicals, however, eating only organic foods can be cost prohibitive. I want to help by highlighting the “Dirty Dozen” which are the 12 most contaminated and the 12 least contaminated fruits and vegetables. While I won’t say that having an organic apple versus non-organic will have a direct impact on the way you look; over time it will reduce the number of chemicals you are needlessly exposing yourself to and the potential health benefits of that are fairly obvious. In a perfect world most LGCF and CF12866 members would buy organic everything. However, for most this isn’t realistic so this list can be used when deciding between two common organic foods. I understand the holiday season is very difficult to eat well during; do your best but start making your plan for the new year so you can hit the ground running! 12 Most Contaminated Peaches Apples Sweet Bell Peppers Celery Nectarines Strawberries Cherries Pears Grapes (imported) Spinach Lettuce Potatoes 12 Least Contaminated Onions Avocado Sweet Corn (frozen) Pineapples Mango Asparagus Sweet Peas (frozen) Kiwi Bananas Cabbage Broccoli Papaya If an “organic lifestyle” is important to you please educate yourself on what organic is and is not. What does organic mean? Does organic mean pesticide free? List of allowed and prohibited substances in organic foods

World Weightlifting Championships

Olympic lifting is a staple of our programming and I don’t see that changing. Clean and jerks and snatches improve your speed, strength, power, coordination, mobility, agility, endurance, balance, and accuracy. I’m sure I can come up with more but you get the point. While the people in the gym that really love these lifts probably already know this but the Weightlifting World Championships are this week and they are being held in Anaheim, California. The event being held in the US is a nice perk because the pacific time zone makes the action much easier to follow than when the event is held on the other side of the world. While I understand that watching this event is like watching Lebron James play basketball or Serena Williams play tennis and that our skill sets don’t exactly translate to what we are seeing. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the sport and the lifts. I know every time I watch a live event streamed I pick up at least one thing I didn’t know from the announcing team.  The links below bring you to a couple websites so you can stream the event live, get an official start list for anyone you may want to follow, and a list of the USA Weightlifting team members there participating STREAM THE EVENT START LIST USA TEAM MEMBERS

Improving your rope climbs

A quick technique note on improving your rope climbs! To improve your rope climbs consider the following tip to get a more secure hold with your feet and therefore take the onus off of your arms. When scooping your bottom foot to create a foot lock simply continue the bottom foot over the top and step on the forefoot of the other foot. The first picture shows the very common but not as secure foot lock used in the gym. However, the second picture shows the foothold with the scoop foot over the top and on the other foot. This foothold is more secure and will not require more time on your part. After getting used to the change you should expect rope climbs to be less fatiguing on your upper body. Also check out this short video from CrossFit games competitors, Matt Chan and Spencer Hendel, explaining how to properly secure this foothold.       


Lake George CrossFit will be closed all day tomorrow 12/12/16 due to a fire in the building earlier this evening. We will not know the full extent of the damage until tomorrow morning. It is our hope that we only have to cancel classes tomorrow. For any member who would still like to attend a CrossFit class you are welcome to visit our CrossFit 12866 location. Please check the website for the possibility of weather related cancelations as well. We will send out an update as soon as we know more.

Thanksgiving week schedule

Just a reminder that there are some changes to the schedule this week, please see below: Lake George CrossFit Monday: normal classes Tuesday: normal classes Wednesday: 5:30, 6:30am, and 10am Thursday: gym closed, Happy Thanksgiving Friday: 8am and 9am Saturday: 8am and 9am Sunday: normal classes

Lisa’s Kitchen – Recipes Blog

Grilled Sea Bass with Tropical Salsa Ingredients: 4 6-8oz pieces of sea bass (can also use swordfish, other white fish or pork chops) 1 cup pineapple pieces cut into squares 3/4 cup mango pieces cut into squares 2/3  cup of  pieces of chopped bell pepper 1/2 Cup of quarter inch pieces seeded tomato 1/3 cup of quarter inch pieces of English hothouse cucumber 1/4-1/2 cup Red grapes cut into four pieces 1/3 Cup of chopped red onions 3 TBLs+ chopped fresh cilantro 2tbls + chopped fresh mint 2tbls  chopped fresh seeded jalapeño 2tbls fresh lime juice (you will need extra lime juice for the fish) Sea salt and pepper to taste Directions: Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl, toss them to blend, chill for at least an hour and up to 4+ tossing it occasionally. Prepare your barbecue grill to high heat. Brush your fish with lime juice, olive oil, sea salt and pepper. Grill at 550 to 600° 4.5 min per side Transfer to plate and top with salsa to serve. Note: You can use this salsa in Fish tacos, grill some white fish, fill tacos with shredded red cabbage, this tropical salsa, and even hot sauce if you like.

Lisa’s Kitchen – Recipes Blog

As usual, I am always experimenting and creating healthy goodness out of my kitchen so that I can share it with you all. I promise you, these beef rolls will not disappoint. They take a little bit to make, but are well worth the effort. Also, if you haven’t been on the recipe blog site please take a few minutes to scroll around and look for other recipes I have added. More to come…in the meantime, happy eating! Espresso Rub Beef Rolls 2 pounds of grass fed beef skirt steak (optional: bell peppers, see note below) Rub: ½  tablespoon of Himalayan pink sea salt 1/4 teaspoon allspice 1/2 tablespoon finely ground espresso 1/4 of a teaspoon Turmeric 1 teaspoon of chili powder 1 teaspoon of paprika ½ a teaspoon of onion powder ½ a teaspoon of garlic powder Stuffing: 1 tablespoon of coconut oil 5 cloves chopped garlic 1 chopped sweet onion 1 jalapeño chopped 2 sweet potatoes (can use purple sweet potatoes) shredded 2 carrots shredded A bunch of kale chopped A tablespoon plus chopped ginger (I use about 1-2 TBLs preference) Note: Usually I have to double/triple the rub recipeIn a bowl combine all the Rub ingredients. Mix well with a fork. Rinse and dry meat. Lay the meat out on a clean cutting board or sturdy table top (usually put wax paper underneath and Saran Wrap on top) tenderize the meet about a quarter inch thick or more. (cut into rollable pieces). Sprinkle the rub on both sides of the meat until it is evenly distributed. (rub it on the meat). Refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours or overnight (longer the better, I usually do overnight if I can) Add coconut oil, garlic, onion and jalapeños to the pan and cook until semi soft. Then add carrots, sweet potatoes and sea salt to taste. Add the ginger. Cook until soft. Lastly add the kale cook for a 2 min or so because kale cooks quick.  Once everything is soft you can remove pan from stove top.  Heat the oven to 350° Transfer the filling onto the meat, roll it […]


Lake George CrossFit

Lake George CrossFit is more than a gym; it is a friendly and encouraging community of members achieving their fitness goals. By our gym catering to no one, we cater to everyone. We have members ranging in age from 14 all the way to early-70’s. Our members are high school and college students, working professionals, busy moms and dads, and retirees.




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