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The CrossFit Team Series Competition and why you should participate.

August 26th By Kevin Ostrander I wanted to give you all a heads-up on a really fun online competition that’s now open for registration.  It’s called The CrossFit Team Series. Last year, we had one team from LGCF put their toes in the water and do this competition.  The unanimous consensus from Lisa, Katy, Jeremy and Rick was that doing the Team Series was a ton of fun! It’s a lot like the Open, where workouts are posted and you have a certain time frame to do them, but this time the competition is a team one, with two men and two women.  Also like the Open, the workouts are very approachable and will challenge you regardless of your fitness level.  There are Rx’d and Scaled workout options.  However, if you do one workout Scaled, it doesn’t mean you have to do all of them Scaled (you can mix and match).  There’s really no downside and this will satisfy you no matter what your fitness-related goals are.  If you’re just doing this for fun, this is going to be right up your alley.  If you want to see how you stack up against the hard-chargers out there, this is going to be a great test, too. The Team Series takes place over two weeklong periods, which gives you plenty of flexibility for you to get your workouts done.  The workout completion window runs on a Tue-Mon time frame.  The first set of workouts (we don’t yet know how many will be released) is released on Tuesday September 8th and must be completed no later than Monday September 14th.  The second set of workouts is released on Tuesday October 6th and must be completed no later than Monday October 12th. You can do the workouts at any time and you can do them as many times as you want. I’m already registered on a team that’s doing this just for fun (aptly named LGCF Team Swole Train).  Lisa and Katy have returned to do it again this year with Keenan stepping in for Rick’s absence and I am going to try […]

July 4th workout…

As promised we will be doing a Hero workout during our only class on July 4th (it’s at 8am but you already knew that?!). Expect a pretty normal class; you should plan on a group warm-up, some midline stabilization, a little weightlifting, and the met-con. The workout is challenging but very fair! So file your calluses, bring tape if you’re prone to ripping, and be ready to run.  

The Murph Challenge…

It’s time for our annual Murph Challenge event and this year Lake George CrossFit has become an official host of the The Murph Challenge! A cool feature of doing The Murph Challenge at an official host site is that you’ll have the opportunity to see where your Murph time stacks up against all other participants from official host sites. Also, all the donations will go directly to the scholarship fund established in his honor. Please get signed up ASAP by going to the official Murph Challenge website and make sure to list Lake George CrossFit as your affiliate! This year with your registration you will receive a Murph Challenge t-shirt or tank top via Forged clothing. There is a small fee for registration but your t-shirt is included. We will not be asking you to raise any other funds. If you would like to donate additional money, we will be more than happy to direct you through the proper channels. If you are not familiar with Lt. Michael Murphy, please take a moment and read the link provided. Here are some important details you’ll need to know to participate this year: Where: Lake George CrossFit When: Saturday, May 30th at 9am (because so many people are out of town at the CrossFit regionals we will have it this week to maximize participation) The Workout: MURPH 1 MILE RUN 100 Pull ups 200 Push ups 300 Air squats 1 MILE RUN (20 lbs weighted vest optional) Or you may choose to do: MINI MURPH .5 MILE RUN 50 Pull ups 100 Push ups 150 Air Squats .5 MILE RUN You also have the option of teaming up if you feel the workout is too much for you. Finally, the Murph Challenge should be finished around lunch time. Plan to celebrate and honor our American Soldiers afterwards with a good ‘ole BBQ. In order to feed all the hungry CrossFitters we ask that everyone bring something to share. We will have a sign-up board to help us stay organized!


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