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A Lake George CrossFit member needs your help!

As many of you may be aware, one of our members, Otto Miller suffered a tragic accident last month at college that has left him paralyzed from the waist down. Currently he is in the hospital at school awaiting transfer to a rehabilitation facility and ultimately coming home to Queensbury. According to updates, Otto is in high sprits given his circumstances. Otto was an active member at LGCF this past fall and early winter. He came to us looking to build some strength for his upcoming college hockey season.  Otto is part of the Lake George CrossFit family. We take care of family, no matter what.  We thought it would only be fitting to host an event to help him and his family, displaying the amazing support of our local CrossFit community. Therefore, we are asking all of you LGCF members, friends and family to attend our fundraising WOD to raise money for the Miller family.  This money will be utilized to help offset the cost of his rehabilitation, support, etc. We are asking that you sign up at the gym and state that you are either attending to do the WOD or attending to spectate. We are also asking for a $20 donation upon sign in. It is not mandatory at all to donate and please DO NOT feel obligated. I fully understand that it may not be possible for you to donate. However, that being said, I know very well just what the LGCF is capable of raising when it comes to fund raisers. I’m asking all of you to please seek donations from your friends, family and peers. Make them aware that you will be put through a challenging workout in honor of Otto for their donation. In true Lake George Crossfit fashion, and knowing Otto…we will be hitting a hard WOD and throwin’ down in his honor! WOD “Otto” to be posted soon. Hope to see all of you at LGCF on Saturday February 20th at 7:30am ready to work… Details: What: Work out of the Day “Otto”. Where: Lake George CrossFit, 238 Bay Rd. Queensbury, […]

Barbells for Boobs 2015

By: Kevin Ostrander Mark your calendars folks! We will be holding our Barbells for Boobs fundraiser on October 24th. Everyone that plans to participate needs to join our team on the official fundraising website. Our team goal has been set at $7,500. There is plenty of time to raise funds, our goal is lofty but let’s do all we can! I am secretly hoping to beat last year’s fundraising which was just over $11,000.00. In 2009, the first Barbells for Boobs event was held in a parking lot in Corona Del Mar with 60 athletes from 3 local CrossFit affiliates. Since then, Barbells for Boobs has grown exponentially and now involves more than 45,000 participants across 1300 affiliates in 23 countries! Barbells for Boobs is a non-profit organization that provides funding to pay for breast cancer detection services as a last resort for thousands of people who don’t qualify for assistance elsewhere. Their aim is to help anyone that needs it, anywhere, whether they are male or female, no matter what their age or situation in life. We at LGCF have breast cancer survivors and many people who have been affected by the disease. You don’t have to participate in the event to raise money. Anyone can join our team or donate. Start asking friends, co-workers, and family members to donate for this great cause. FIRST, GO TO the official Barbell for Boobs website. To create your a page Click on SIGN UP TODAY…then JOIN OUR TEAM….look up LAKE GEORGE CROSSFIT…and join From there you can send your page to as many people as you know… (all those facebook friends and such) and they can help you raise money. If you raise $80, which covers one mammogram, they send you a support team t-shirt.    

Lift Up Autism

By Lisa Ostrander: Kevin and I had the good fortune of attending a CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting seminar with one of coach Glassman’s first athletes, Josh Everett. Josh is a CrossFit Games athlete, National Olympic Weightlifting competitor, and Strength and Conditioning coach. We learned that he started “Lift Up Luke”, a fundraiser for his son who was diagnosed with autism. The goal of the “Lift Up Luke” fundraiser was to bring awareness to The Autism Tree Project Foundation which supports early diagnosis, treatment, and parent education. The event is now in its 3rd year and has been renamed “Lift Up Autism”. On Saturday, September 19th, during the 8 and 9am classes, we will be participating in the “Lift Up Autism” WOD “Luke” at Lake George CrossFit. The workout is: “Luke” 5 min AMRAP 4 Power Cleans (155/105) 24 Double Unders 10 Pull-ups Please come and join us, it’s for a great cause, free to sign up, and the workout is easily scaled to any fitness level. When you sign-up you will also have the option to purchase a shirt or donate if you’d like. Most of you are already aware that the CrossFit community is known for supporting causes and LGCF is always participating in great events. This is something I am very proud of because we are such an amazing group!! I am looking forward to seeing you all, let’s have some fun!!!! Don’t forget to sign up.  

The Murph Challenge…

It’s time for our annual Murph Challenge event and this year Lake George CrossFit has become an official host of the The Murph Challenge! A cool feature of doing The Murph Challenge at an official host site is that you’ll have the opportunity to see where your Murph time stacks up against all other participants from official host sites. Also, all the donations will go directly to the scholarship fund established in his honor. Please get signed up ASAP by going to the official Murph Challenge website and make sure to list Lake George CrossFit as your affiliate! This year with your registration you will receive a Murph Challenge t-shirt or tank top via Forged clothing. There is a small fee for registration but your t-shirt is included. We will not be asking you to raise any other funds. If you would like to donate additional money, we will be more than happy to direct you through the proper channels. If you are not familiar with Lt. Michael Murphy, please take a moment and read the link provided. Here are some important details you’ll need to know to participate this year: Where: Lake George CrossFit When: Saturday, May 30th at 9am (because so many people are out of town at the CrossFit regionals we will have it this week to maximize participation) The Workout: MURPH 1 MILE RUN 100 Pull ups 200 Push ups 300 Air squats 1 MILE RUN (20 lbs weighted vest optional) Or you may choose to do: MINI MURPH .5 MILE RUN 50 Pull ups 100 Push ups 150 Air Squats .5 MILE RUN You also have the option of teaming up if you feel the workout is too much for you. Finally, the Murph Challenge should be finished around lunch time. Plan to celebrate and honor our American Soldiers afterwards with a good ‘ole BBQ. In order to feed all the hungry CrossFitters we ask that everyone bring something to share. We will have a sign-up board to help us stay organized!


Lake George CrossFit

Lake George CrossFit is more than a gym; it is a friendly and encouraging community of members achieving their fitness goals. By our gym catering to no one, we cater to everyone. We have members ranging in age from 14 all the way to early-70’s. Our members are high school and college students, working professionals, busy moms and dads, and retirees.




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