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The Dirty Dozen

With January quickly approaching with it often comes a new outlook on your diet. Most people know that they should avoid over consumption of pesticides or other harmful chemicals, however, eating only organic foods can be cost prohibitive. I want to help by highlighting the “Dirty Dozen” which are the 12 most contaminated and the 12 least contaminated fruits and vegetables. While I won’t say that having an organic apple versus non-organic will have a direct impact on the way you look; over time it will reduce the number of chemicals you are needlessly exposing yourself to and the potential health benefits of that are fairly obvious. In a perfect world most LGCF and CF12866 members would buy organic everything. However, for most this isn’t realistic so this list can be used when deciding between two common organic foods. I understand the holiday season is very difficult to eat well during; do your best but start making your plan for the new year so you can hit the ground running! 12 Most Contaminated Peaches Apples Sweet Bell Peppers Celery Nectarines Strawberries Cherries Pears Grapes (imported) Spinach Lettuce Potatoes 12 Least Contaminated Onions Avocado Sweet Corn (frozen) Pineapples Mango Asparagus Sweet Peas (frozen) Kiwi Bananas Cabbage Broccoli Papaya If an “organic lifestyle” is important to you please educate yourself on what organic is and is not. What does organic mean? Does organic mean pesticide free? List of allowed and prohibited substances in organic foods

Lisa’s Kitchen – Recipes Blog

Grilled Sea Bass with Tropical Salsa Ingredients: 4 6-8oz pieces of sea bass (can also use swordfish, other white fish or pork chops) 1 cup pineapple pieces cut into squares 3/4 cup mango pieces cut into squares 2/3  cup of  pieces of chopped bell pepper 1/2 Cup of quarter inch pieces seeded tomato 1/3 cup of quarter inch pieces of English hothouse cucumber 1/4-1/2 cup Red grapes cut into four pieces 1/3 Cup of chopped red onions 3 TBLs+ chopped fresh cilantro 2tbls + chopped fresh mint 2tbls  chopped fresh seeded jalapeño 2tbls fresh lime juice (you will need extra lime juice for the fish) Sea salt and pepper to taste Directions: Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl, toss them to blend, chill for at least an hour and up to 4+ tossing it occasionally. Prepare your barbecue grill to high heat. Brush your fish with lime juice, olive oil, sea salt and pepper. Grill at 550 to 600° 4.5 min per side Transfer to plate and top with salsa to serve. Note: You can use this salsa in Fish tacos, grill some white fish, fill tacos with shredded red cabbage, this tropical salsa, and even hot sauce if you like.

Lisa’s Kitchen – Recipes Blog

As usual, I am always experimenting and creating healthy goodness out of my kitchen so that I can share it with you all. I promise you, these beef rolls will not disappoint. They take a little bit to make, but are well worth the effort. Also, if you haven’t been on the recipe blog site please take a few minutes to scroll around and look for other recipes I have added. More to come…in the meantime, happy eating! Espresso Rub Beef Rolls 2 pounds of grass fed beef skirt steak (optional: bell peppers, see note below) Rub: ½  tablespoon of Himalayan pink sea salt 1/4 teaspoon allspice 1/2 tablespoon finely ground espresso 1/4 of a teaspoon Turmeric 1 teaspoon of chili powder 1 teaspoon of paprika ½ a teaspoon of onion powder ½ a teaspoon of garlic powder Stuffing: 1 tablespoon of coconut oil 5 cloves chopped garlic 1 chopped sweet onion 1 jalapeño chopped 2 sweet potatoes (can use purple sweet potatoes) shredded 2 carrots shredded A bunch of kale chopped A tablespoon plus chopped ginger (I use about 1-2 TBLs preference) Note: Usually I have to double/triple the rub recipeIn a bowl combine all the Rub ingredients. Mix well with a fork. Rinse and dry meat. Lay the meat out on a clean cutting board or sturdy table top (usually put wax paper underneath and Saran Wrap on top) tenderize the meet about a quarter inch thick or more. (cut into rollable pieces). Sprinkle the rub on both sides of the meat until it is evenly distributed. (rub it on the meat). Refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours or overnight (longer the better, I usually do overnight if I can) Add coconut oil, garlic, onion and jalapeños to the pan and cook until semi soft. Then add carrots, sweet potatoes and sea salt to taste. Add the ginger. Cook until soft. Lastly add the kale cook for a 2 min or so because kale cooks quick.  Once everything is soft you can remove pan from stove top.  Heat the oven to 350° Transfer the filling onto the meat, roll it […]

Lisa’s Kitchen – Recipes Blog

Want to add a yummy punch to your boring water? Fill your water bottle with radical-fighting antioxidants and health promoting fiber. Fruit Flavored Ice Cubes Ingredients: 1 lemon, zested and juiced 2 cups raspberries Instructions: Into blender, add lemon zest, lemon juice, raspberries and 2 cups of water and blend until smooth, about 2minutes Pour into ice cube trays and freeze. Once frozen add a few cubes to water bottle. (You can substitute with blueberries or mangoes, lime juice, or grapefruit)

Recipes Blog

By Lisa Ostrander So I am going to try and make an effort to work on a health blog and send out ideas and recipes to the members. (Especially for those of you on the Nutritional challenge, I hope this will help.) This is something easy and really good for you. You can make this and save in a glass jar. It really gives flavor to anything you put it on and helps to sear in the juices of whatever you are cooking. We use it on chicken, beef, pork and fishes. FYI, It makes salmon taste delicious. Indian spice rub Ingredients: 6 Tablespoons curry powder 3 Tablespoons coarse sea salt 4 teaspoons crushed red pepper 1 Tablespoon ground cumin 1 Tablespoon ground coriander 1 Tablespoon dried mint 2 teaspoon turmeric 2 teaspoon ground ginger Mix all ingredients in a small bowl (use fork to mix) save in a glass jar. How to use: Spread olive oil on meats and fish, dust well or to taste with Indian spice rub and grill. I use on pork chops, chicken, salmon and swordfish but feel free to use on your choice of meats and fish. Keeps juices in with nice exterior and lots of flavor, full of anti-inflammatory properties.

Why use PureParma M3 minerals

Why PurePhama M3 Are you taking magnesium? This powerful mineral is found in all muscles in the body and is necessary for muscle contraction. It increases sleep time and quality so you can recover better. Magnesium is found in all tissues of the body and plays an important role in muscle contraction and energy metabolism. Magnesium takes part in more than 300 processes in the body, including the brain, heart, bones and muscles. Studies show 50% of the population does not meet the recommended daily intake of magnesium. It should be readily available in our foods, but it’s not because there are less minerals in our soil leaving less magnesium in our food. Only 30-40% of the magnesium ingested is actually taken up by the body. The top 5 Athletic benefits of magnesium Critical for Optimal Muscle and Contraction– allows muscle proteins to detach so muscle can relax between contractions. Maintains Energy Production -Critical for mobilization, generation and utilization of energy in cells. Maintains Electrolyte balance– restores magnesium lost from dehydration or sweating. Enhances Recovery-plays an essential role in the recovery process. Better Sleep-increase sleep time and quality by increasing melatonin and lower cortisol. Muscle pain and cramping: 70% of body weight is water. When the body works hard (e.g. during intense training) it generates heat. Lost heat (sweat)= lost electrolytes. Lost electrolytes and dehydration=muscle pain and cramping Muscle pain and cramping=slower recovery time. Whether you’re in intense training mode or an every day work horse, magnesium is essential to your recovery and overall well-being.

Why use Pure Pharma O3 – Omega 3 supplement

PurePharma O3 is the most popular of all of their supplements. If you are not yet taking it, then find out below why an omega-3 supplement should be an essential part of your diet. Fats make up about 60% of brain tissue and 15-20% of those brain fats are omega-3’s. These omegas provide the nutrients needed for brain growth, tissue maintenance, repair and fuel for all that brain activity. Because omega-3’s play such a large role in the brain, it’s no surprise that their presence (or deficiency) plays a huge role in your brain’s health and performance. Omega’s help make the cells in our brains more fluid, improving communication between the neurons that make up our nervous system and helping us to think and react quickly. These benefits extend to all stages of life. Omega-3’s are just as vital for the development of the brain of babies in the womb as they are in old age, when they can help sharpen memory in patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Clearer vision Your eyes are essentially an extension of your brain. So, just as omega-3’s are good for the brain, they are also good for your eyes. Studies have suggested that these powerful fats can help protect eyes from macular degeneration, decrease the risk of glaucoma and even help dry eyes. Healthier heart As your body’s ultimate anti-inflammatory nutrient, omega-3 fatty acids keep your heart healthy by reducing many of the symptoms that put you at risk for heart disease. Here’s how omega-3’s help: -Help lower high blood pressure -Keep blood flowing smoothly by keeping it from getting too thick -Lower triglyceride levels -Keep the lining of the arteries smooth and inhibit the growth of plaque Reduced inflammation Omega-3’s are natural anti-inflammatories, swimming into all the cells of your body and priming the immune system to help reduce inflammation. They do this by regulating the overproduction of harmful pro-inflammatories and releasing healing molecules. Inflammation is part of the body’s immune response when it reacts to harmful or irritating stimuli to try to protect and heal itself. Inflammation can reveal itself in many […]

Why Blonyx HMB+ Creatine

Blonyx HMB+ Creatine is a high quality, clean, paleo friendly supplement that speeds strength development and muscle repair in training athletes. It is made to be simple, additive free and easy to understand while also being safe to take and independently shown to be effective. HMB is important in muscle health. It is stored in the muscles and used to build, maintain and repair muscle cells. Creatine is stored in the muscle and acts as a very rapid, but limited source of energy for very high intensity muscle contractions. HBM The body makes HMB by breaking down the amino acid leucine found in the protein we eat. Only about 5% of leucine is turned into HMB.The HMB made by the body is topped up with HMB found in food. Some foods, like alfalfa, fish and grapefruit, contain higher amounts of HMB. Research shows that supplementing the diet with an additional 3g/day HMB improves athletic performance in training athletes. CREATINE The body makes creatine in the liver, kidneys, and the pancreas by breaking down the amino acids glycine and arginine found in dietary protein. We top up this creatine with that found in the food we eat. Red meat as well as certain fish, like herring, are high in creatine. Research shows that taking 3-5g/day of creatine increases strength and muscle mass in training athletes. Performance and improvements HMB and creatine both increase strength when training involves movements like deadlifts, squats and bench press. The HMB in HMB+ Creatine improves endurance performance in athletes running, and cycling. Both HMB and creatine speed muscle mass gains with training. Creatine adds body water weight. This can be good for strength athletes, but can inhibit athletes working on body weight movements, speed or endurance. HMB reduces the recovery time required between training sessions through decreasing muscle damage from training. Both HMB and creatine have been shown to have a series of health benefits. HMB is thought to work by slowing muscle protein breakdown and speeding protein production in muscle. This has a protective effect, reducing exercise induced damage, and also speeds recovery and adaptation. […]

New products and supplements in stock

Lake George CrossFit is now offering products to benefit your health, nutrition and fitness. We are committed to offering only high quality mechandise that we personally endorse and feel will be a healthy fit for you. We promote health and well-being with gluten free, sugar free quality products and supplements. Currently in stock we have: PurePharma fish oil O3, minerals M3, Vitamin D3, and probiotics synbiotics SB3, Blonyx HBM creatine powder and a new flavor Perfect Food bar. By the end of this week, we will offer Primal Fuel vanilla or chocolate protein powder. Contact Lisa Ostrander for more information. We will also have a bulletin board up with some more information. I will send out blogs for each product we are offering to help better inform you. Why PurePharma? PurePharma was founded in Denmark in 2009. Our ambition ever since has been to provide the purest supplements possible. Our products are naturally produced, scientifically proven and are designed to improve health and athletic performance. PurePharma provides the nutritional support you need to help bridge out the gap of the most common vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Our health relies on the quality of the food we eat, but when extensive topsoil, full of minerals and microorganisms, has been lost through the overuse of inorganic fertilizers, pesticides and modern farming practices, it has become needlessly complicated to get the right amount of minerals and vitamins. We believe in going the extra mile to make it easier for you to enjoy a healthy, happier life. We handpick our natural ingredients ourselves and carefully monitor everything from start to end. It’s important for us to handle every aspects of our production. That’s the only way we can stand behind every single product we make and guarantee responsibly made, high-quality natural supplements. Go to their site for blog post on so many excellent topics or for more information.


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