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Improving T2B

Improving T2B

Some common problems I see with toe-2-bar each week are that members have not developed the prerequisite strength to kip T2B effectively, losing active tension while bringing your feet down from the bar, and not understanding the relationship your chest, hips, and feet should have to the bar in order to effectively perform the movement.

  1. Prerequisite strength: as with every CrossFit movement there is a progression to being successful. Strength should be built through a strict range of motion before adding a kip to the movement. While it may be an aggressive prerequisite for kipping T2B, I feel if you have 5 consecutive strict reps that learning to then kip the movement will be much easier. I commonly see frustration in the gym from people trying to kip movements that they cannot perform strict for even one rep. Get strong by doing the movement strict and then develop the skill of kipping; don’t think of kipping as a shortcut to do a movement sooner.
  2. Active through the entire range of motion: when kipping a T2B getting your toes to touch the bar is only half the battle. I frequently see people swing their feet up to the bar for a successful rep only to allow their bottom half to drop like a sack of potatoes on the return back down. This turns your kip into a swing and nullifies any efficiency you could hope to have in the movement. Instead, once your feet reach the bar you must actively bring them back down through the same path they went up. The entire movement is active on your part, there is no passive portion where you are taking a break.
  3. Relation of chest, hips, and feet to the bar: there is a reason we practice our hollow and arch positions each week as they are the building blocks for kipping T2B. During effective T2B in the bottom position your feet are behind the bar and your chest is in front of the bar. Conversely, in the top position your chest is behind the bar while your feet are in front of the bar.

The most common mistake that I see from people kipping T2B incorrectly is that when their feet are at the bar their hips are directly under the bar or nearly in front of the bar. The problem is that with your hips under/in front of the bar there is not enough of your body weight being used as a counterbalance when actively pulling your feet back down…hence the uncontrolled swing that develops. If counterbalanced correctly with your hips and chest behind the bar this allows you to actively pull your feet down from the top position moving you into the correct arched bottom position and efficiently kip your T2B. I recommend taking a quick video of yourself doing T2B so you can compare yourself to the pictures of Tyler doing them correctly and incorrectly.

Also check out these two videos to which reinforce some of what I have talked about and also add some additional tips:





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