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Lift Up Autism

Lift Up Autism

By Lisa Ostrander:

Kevin and I had the good fortune of attending a CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting seminar with one of coach Glassman’s first athletes, Josh Everett. Josh is a CrossFit Games athlete, National Olympic Weightlifting competitor, and Strength and Conditioning coach. We learned that he started “Lift Up Luke”, a fundraiser for his son who was diagnosed with autism. The goal of the “Lift Up Luke” fundraiser was to bring awareness to The Autism Tree Project Foundation which supports early diagnosis, treatment, and parent education.

The event is now in its 3rd year and has been renamed “Lift Up Autism”. On Saturday, September 19th, during the 8 and 9am classes, we will be participating in the “Lift Up Autism” WOD “Luke” at Lake George CrossFit. The workout is:


5 min AMRAP

4 Power Cleans (155/105)

24 Double Unders

10 Pull-ups

Please come and join us, it’s for a great cause, free to sign up, and the workout is easily scaled to any fitness level. When you sign-up you will also have the option to purchase a shirt or donate if you’d like.

Most of you are already aware that the CrossFit community is known for supporting causes and LGCF is always participating in great events. This is something I am very proud of because we are such an amazing group!! I am looking forward to seeing you all, let’s have some fun!!!! Don’t forget to sign up.

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