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Member FAQ

What footwear do you recommend?

We got you now! This is the turning point: you are willing to invest in new sneakers, so we must be doing something right. In all seriousness, when it comes to footwear for CrossFit less is more. Nearly every sneaker company now makes a minimal sneaker which is perfect for what we do. The sole of a minimal sneaker will allow a more level and stable surface for lifting weights. Reebok Nanos and Inov-8s are sneakers that many LGCF’ers have had success with.

What to do if you have a friend coming into town that does CrossFit and they want to come in and hit a workout with you?

Please send them to our drop-in policy page. We are super flexible on when drop-ins can workout so they will be able to join you!

Should I do “Two-A-Days” with classes? Doesn’t that make me get better faster?

This is an answer I don’t dance around. Unless you are a professional athlete, the answer is NO. Any coach that recommends doubling up classes shows how unqualified and uneducated they are about training. I’ve seen many gyms offer “shout-outs” and give positive recognition to members for doubling up. “Two-A- Days” will quickly lead to overtraining, injury, and potentially adrenal fatigue in an individual. Our training is rooted in long-term sustainability and progression.

How do I end my membership?

You must provide at least 15 days written notice prior to your automatic billing date. Email us at lakegeorgecrossfit@gmail.com to cancel your membership.

How can I figure out what all the terminology on the whiteboard each day means?

As a new member the terminology of CrossFit can be a bit overwhelming. We provided you a list common terms often seen or used in CrossFit to help you through the learning process.

AMRAP as many rounds as possible
RFT rounds for time
BS back squat
FS front squat
OHS overhead squat
DL deadlift
T2B toes to bar
RDL Romanian deadlifts
PP push press
PJ push jerk
SHL PRESS shoulder press
EMOM every minute on the minute
MET-CON metabolic conditioning
1RM/3RM/5RM 1 rep max/3 rep max/5 rep max
HSPU handstand push-up
WOD workout of the day
SETS ACROSS sets of the same repetitions performed at the same weight


Lake George CrossFit

Lake George CrossFit is more than a gym; it is a friendly and encouraging community of members achieving their fitness goals. By our gym catering to no one, we cater to everyone. We have members ranging in age from 14 all the way to early-70’s. Our members are high school and college students, working professionals, busy moms and dads, and retirees.




238 Bay Road
Queensbury, NY 12804