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November Programming

November Programming

A new month brings some tweaks to our daily programming. Here are 3 things to know about the programming for November:


  1. We will be starting to emphasize overhead squats. This could mean heavy OHS or more OHS in metcons. This is designed to help you improve your snatch and here’s why. What if I gave you some chicken, vegetable broth, noodles, carrots, and celery then asked you to make me an omelet? I don’t think it would come out very good. When it comes to comparing omelets to snatching consider OHS the eggs. You can’t make an omelet without eggs and you can’t expect to be good at snatching without a good OHS.
  2. Last month of heavy lunges. We are doing 8’s for reps and since it’s the last few weeks ensure that the weight is very challenging as your progression stops here. The idea behind lunges is not to just make you sore. We are developing strength unilaterally with the goal of decreasing the muscular asymmetries that exist in the body.
  3. Adding bench press in for our major heavy pressing movement. This movement when done well improves front deltoid strength, triceps strength, and pectoral strength. Some of these muscles are heavily involved in pressing or jerking heavy weight overhead. Please work with your coaches to ensure you are doing the lift properly and always use spotters!

Some of these changes are implemented this week and some next week. Set some new goals and a plan of how to achieve them!!!


Lake George CrossFit

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