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CrossFit – what to expect

Our classes are 1 hour in length and we do not post our workouts.
Class will consist of a group warm-up where we aim to prime the body’s major movers. Warm-up is a perfect time to communicate to your coach any injuries and physical restrictions we should know about.

We love to lift heavy at Lake George CrossFit so the first part of class is spent going heavy. Think back or front squat, deadlift, pressing movements, or Olympic weightlifting.

Following our heavy work you can expect a met-con that challenges you but is never written to kill you. Some days are short and monostructural while others are longer chippers; this is CrossFit so you should be prepared for anything. Finally, there will be some time for mobility and recovery.

We also ask that you don’t wear your workout sneakers to the gym. Please carry your sneakers with you as we have found it helps keep the facility floor significantly cleaner. We have t-shirts for sale and we do our best to keep all sizes in stock.


Lake George CrossFit

Lake George CrossFit is more than a gym; it is a friendly and encouraging community of members achieving their fitness goals. By our gym catering to no one, we cater to everyone. We have members ranging in age from 14 all the way to early-70’s. Our members are high school and college students, working professionals, busy moms and dads, and retirees.




238 Bay Road
Queensbury, NY 12804