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Why we turn the lights on

We turn our lights on for YOU

While there are thousands of CrossFit affiliates around the world that “turns their lights” on for their own reasons, we turn our lights on for YOU. Lake George CrossFit doesn’t exist to serve the needs of its owner, coaches, or a small clique of competitive CrossFitters. We turn the lights on for the busy moms and dads striving to stay healthy and set a good example for their children. We turn the lights on for the high school athlete looking for an edge in their sport. We turn the lights on for those looking to turn back time on their body and feel what it means to fit again (or maybe fit for the first time). Lake George CrossFit is about OUR MEMBERS and they are the reason we turn the lights on.

We understand we are not your only gym option. And we encourage people do to their homework. CrossFit gyms are not franchises like Subway or McDonalds. We are licensed affiliates, which means the proprietor(s) can operate by their own set of rules and values. We set our own rates, hours, and policies. Lake George CrossFit follows a specific programming philosophy unique to us and specific to our membership base. Because of the vast differences between affiliates, we urge you to educate yourself before choosing a CrossFit gym. A positive or negative experience at a gym will be unique to that gym, not a reflection of CrossFit as a whole. Go ask questions and find out for yourself. Do not simply take a friend’s recommendation or choose based on geography or price. Understand the philosophy behind the gym’s programming, ask specific questions about how you will achieve your goals, what the priorities of the gym and its staff are. Fully understand if the mission of the gym fits with your personal fitness goals. We believe doing this is beneficial to your success.


Lake George CrossFit

Lake George CrossFit is more than a gym; it is a friendly and encouraging community of members achieving their fitness goals. By our gym catering to no one, we cater to everyone. We have members ranging in age from 14 all the way to early-70’s. Our members are high school and college students, working professionals, busy moms and dads, and retirees.




238 Bay Road
Queensbury, NY 12804